How to Succeed at Event Marketing in 2019

Use these smart strategies to succeed in event marketing.

Is it time to take your event marketing to the next level? As with most industries, the event marketing space is always changing. There’s new tech to try at your booth, a multitude of strategies for social media promotion, and an abundant amount of swag options. What choices will you make to help you succeed at event marketing in 2019?

Here are some ways you can wow people at your next trade show or industry event.

Upgrade Your “Register to Win” Strategy

Using a “register to win” event survey or lead capture form is an age-old strategy for getting people’s info at events. This tried-and-true form of event data collection works well, but it’s always a good idea to test new strategies to boost your submissions.

If you’re still using paper forms, you need to make 2019 the year you go digital. Invest in a lead capture app that works on iPads or Android tablets. You’ll find more people are willing to fill out digital forms compared to paper, and you’ll cut out all of your manual data entry.

For those using a digital lead capture app, make sure it has offline data collection capabilities. The last thing you want is to lose out on great leads because the location’s Wi-Fi went out or your hotspot is on the fritz.

Try testing out different prizes to see which ones entice the most people to fill out your event survey or lead form. Tailor the prizes you’re giving away to the event type and audience; an event focused on college students should give away a vastly different prize than a home show.

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Embrace Technology

To get the leads you need from your event, you should be engaging, entertaining, and informative. Tech can give you a leg up in all of these areas!

  • Bring in large TVs to show off your interactive website or app
  • Utilize a lead capture app for iPad that is beautifully branded
  • Create a fun experience with VR headsets
  • Show off how voice-assisted tech works with your product or service
  • Use projection mapping to make a one-of-a-kind augmented reality experience

However you decide to use tech to entice people into your space, be sure to capture those leads while they’re entranced with your cool tech. FMAV did just that by placing their lead capture app on an iPad next to their projection mapping display.

Get Social

It’s important to tie in social media before, during, and after your event. Take some time to consider who your target audience is and what platforms they are active on. You might not need to use every platform for every event, and you might find that some platforms work best pre or post event. Perform some research into your audience and event to better inform your tactics.

Before the event

Find out what hashtags the event sponsor is using, and begin integrating those into your posts. If you’re a sponsor, inquire about being added as a co-host to the Facebook event or featured on the Eventbrite page.

If your target audience is large and active on Twitter, consider doing a Twitter chat a few weeks before the event. Invite any leads through email and social media promotion, then ask 5–10 questions to start a conversation about the upcoming event. If you have strong relationships or partnerships with other brands or businesses at the event, invite them to join in on the conversation.

During the event

Make your booth a social magnet with oversized photo frames or a photo booth. Integrate your branding and relevant hashtags into the design, and consider bringing some fun and silly props.

Make sure to always have someone on hand to snap the pics for event attendees. The easier you make it for people to snap a fun photo, the more likely they will head on over to grab a pic and then post it on their social media profiles.

After the event

Make following up with strong leads on social media easy by asking them for their Twitter handle in your lead capture app. Once you’ve finished your event data collection, review the Twitter handles you recieved, and do some thank you shout-outs. It’s a great way to show your appreciation to them for stopping by, while also helping you tap into some new audiences.

Give Away Smart Swag

It’s time to extend the lifetime of your swag past the day of your event. Give out smart swag that leads will find useful—they probably don’t need yet another pen, they won’t use a magnet, and real estate for stickers is limited. Try to differentiate your swag as well. Chapstick is useful, but who’s to say they’ll keep your chapstick compared to the eight others they got?

Give out swag that makes sense for your audience and event. If you’re at a healthcare event, you probably don’t want to hand out bottle openers.

Formstack Swag
Formstack has a variety of cool swag to give out during events.

Here are some swag ideas to impress event attendees:

  • Phone chargers
  • Mints
  • Credit card holders
  • PopSockets
  • Socks
  • Mini dry-erase boards

With these tips, you’re bound to see a successful event marketing season. Have you implemented a new event marketing strategy that has worked wonders for your team? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Lindsay McGuire

Lindsay McGuire

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