How to Attract More Students to Your College Fair Booth

Imagine this: It’s the morning of your next big college fair. You’re booth is prepared, and your marketing materials are ready. Now, you’re just waiting to greet the mass of students with a big smile. As the doors open and students begin shuffling in, you realize not many are stopping by your booth.

They smile at you, or say hello in passing, but they don’t seem interested in learning more about your school. At the end of the day, you’re not anywhere close to the lead goal set for the event.

If you’re walking away from events without the leads you need, it’s probably time to make some improvements to your college fair booth. Here’s how to grab the attention of more students and lock-in more leads at your next college fair.

Say no to paper forms.

If your booth is cluttered with a sign-up sheet, paper surveys, or another type of paper form, it’s time to make the switch to paperless. Not only do paper forms make your college booth look cluttered, they’re not very appealing to students who expect to use technology.

It doesn’t take a huge investment of time or money to make your lead generation paperless. There are plenty of tools that offer robust features for a low cost. Once you make the switch, you’ll never have to worry about entering data manually or deciphering messy handwriting again!

Use real photos.

It’s important to be authentic when you’re trying to recruit students. Use photos of actual students on the materials at your booth to give prospective students a realistic and genuine view of your school. Ditch the stock photos for pictures of real students in real situations, like during homecoming or participating in school traditions.

If you’re worried about keeping costs down to stay within your marketing budget, consider hiring a student photographer for the project. When people drop by your booth, you’ll have a great story to share that reveals how your school truly supports its students.

Offer a great incentive.

At college fairs, your booth is competing with many other booths for the attention of prospective students. Draw in more students in by offering a great incentive to those who stop by and submit their information.

But what incentives are the most appealing to students? Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Smart watch
  • Tablet or computer
  • Gift card
  • Small television
  • Mini fridge
  • Video camera

If you only attend a few events each year, consider offering multiple prizes to attract more students. If you’re sending out emails to students attending the college fair before the event, consider advertising your prize and letting students know where your booth’s location. Add a pre-event survey to your pre-event email to help gather more leads and get a better understanding of the questions students need answered.

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Utilize technology.

Gone are the days of setting up a tri-fold presentation board and a paper sign-up sheet at your college fair booth. Students in today’s world have grown up as native tech users, so using tech at your booth is the best way to grab their attention and get their information.

Make lead generation simple by adding an eye-catching form kiosk to your booth. Students will appreciate how simple it is to submit their information from a tablet, and you’ll love never having to manually input information from college fairs ever again.

Include a current student at your booth.

Tap into one of the original influencer marketing tactics by including a current student at your booth. They will be able to relate to prospective students and share their real-life experiences. If you use real photographs of students in your marketing, include one of them at your booth to intrigue prospective students.

Whether you’re using a survey or a simple lead generation form, have the current student working your booth weave the ask for information into their conversations with prospective students. If you make the form fun and interactive, it will be even easier for the student to ask during conversations.

Don’t ask for too much info.

Nobody has time to fill out a super long lead form or survey. This is especially true for students attending a college fair. Their attention is stretched between all the booths they want to visit, and they have limited time. You can bet they’re not going to want to waste any time filling out forms!

Stick to these rules when creating your lead gen form: keep it short, ask only necessary questions, and make it easy to navigate. You should also use a tool that can capture data offline, since WiFi at college fairs can be spotty. The last thing you want is for technical difficulties to tank your data collection!

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Capture more leads with simplified event data collection.

With these updates, your college fair booth is bound to capture the attention of prospective students. When you make your booth stand out with authentic marketing and new technology, the conversations will start flowing and you’ll be more likely to hit your event goals.

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Lindsay McGuire

Lindsay McGuire

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