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If you’re reading this, you already know the importance and value of keeping your customers happy. Happy customers will usually buy more from you and tell their friends about it. On the other hand, an unhappy customer can not only drive negative word-of-mouth, they also have the power to sink a business.

According to customer loyalty experts, LoyaltyOne and COLLOQUY:

  • 75% of consumers say they advise family, friends, and coworkers about a bad experience with a product or service
  • 42% say they always recommend a product or service they really like
  • 67% say they love telling people about something new

As you can tell from these numbers, bad news about a brand travels fast. Which explains why improving the customer experience has become a top priority for organizations of all sizes. As the famous adage goes, the cost of retaining an existing customer is one-tenth of winning a new one.

So how does one effectively measure customer satisfaction? The answer lies in regular customer contact via surveys! A customer satisfaction survey is the best way to find out how satisfied or dissatisfied your current customers are. By asking smart survey questions, you will be able to measure specific customer-focused metrics.

  1. To measure overall customer satisfaction

    Customer Satisfaction


  1. To measure brand loyalty (and calculate Net Promoter Score)


  2. To measure attribute-specific satisfaction

    Matrix Question


  1. To measure customer expectations vs perception

    customer intentions

  2. To measure repeat purchase intention

    customer service


To gain a better understanding of what your customers are thinking we recommend asking the simple follow-up question “Why?”, to several of the questions above. This simple open-ended question can end up providing tremendous additional insight. Allows for users to tell you exactly what they think, allows for further survey engagement.



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