NEW! Making it Faster and Easier to Build & Launch Surveys and Mobile Forms

We’ve had a busy first quarter at QuickTapSurvey, where our product team has been working hard to make it faster and easier for you to build and launch mobile-ready surveys and forms. Our latest product update was focused on how can we save you time and get you to that ‘publish’ moment sooner, including: 

Faster Survey Creation
We’ve updated the survey builder so that you can get from create to publish in one click.

Face to Face Surveys With Kiosk Functionality
Face-to-Face surveys now have kiosk functionality. (Note: Advanced and Expert Plans only)

Template Library
When you’re building your survey or mobile form get started even faster with our template library.

All Access Trial
Our trial now gives all new users an all-access pass to all of our features for 30 days.

Faster Survey Creation

Survey and Mobile Form TemplatesCreating and publishing a survey just got a whole lot easier with the newly redesigned survey create flow. The new design allows you to create surveys and mobile forms 2X faster with a cleaner interface that makes it easier for you to click publish.

Face-to-Face Surveys Now Have Kiosk Functionality 

We have simplified our survey types making it easier for you to choose when building your survey or mobile form:

Face to Face Surveys
Ask one question at a time. For Advanced and Expert Plans they also include Kiosk Features including survey looping and the ability to lock the survey. (Note: if you’re on a Basic Plan and want to see what this looks like, please contact your Account Manager)

Mobile Forms
Ask all questions in one screen.

Did you know? Are you unsure of which survey type to choose? You can switch between survey types after you’ve built your survey. To switch, select “Settings” and you can toggle between face to face and mobile forms.

Access 60+ Survey and Mobile Form Templates

Browse our survey template library of over 60 beautifully designed templates that you can adopt and customize in just a few clicks. All of our templates are designed by survey experts and come fully loaded with best practices to help you get started quickly. Whether you need an event lead capture form, a patient satisfaction survey, or an inspection checklist, we have over 60 templates designed to help you get started in minutes.

Are we missing a template you’re looking for? Let us know! We are always building new templates to add to the library.

All Access Trial

As a product driven company, providing a free trial of QuickTapSurvey plans is important to us. We are excited to relaunch our trial experience to provide new users with the ability to gain full access to all of our features. 

Note: Trials are limited to 30 days and 10 responses.




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Tishan Mills

Tishan Mills

Co-CEO & Founder @QuickTapSurvey
Tishan Mills