End Your Surveys In Style!

Want to end your mobile survey on a high note?

Well, now you can with our new End Screen feature. Add a beautiful image or custom text to the last screen of your mobile multi-screen survey. The handy feature also comes equipped with a timer that allows you to control how long the end screen appears before data is automatically stored on the device.

So helpful you’ll never do another survey without one!

offline survey end screens

End screens are a guaranteed way to improve your data quality because it prevents the accidental loss of data due to respondents forgetting to tap the very last screen to store their responses. The timer automatically submits their survey responses even when the respondents forgets!

We’ve also introduced other new and improved features:

Reporting By The Hour — Businesses looking to keep a pulse on customer satisfaction can now do so by viewing feedback reports on an hourly basis. Both our Satisfaction and NPS questions now have hourly reporting which means you can measure customer feedback immediately. Managers can identify any potential problems with dissatisfied customers and follow up with them right away to smooth things over. And what’s more, you can now get a report for all satisfaction questions included in one survey!

New Animations Bring Surveys to Life — We’re known for our beautiful survey design, so we’ve decided to push the envelope with new survey animations that make the mobile experience more fun and interactive. As respondents transition between screens, there is an animation that indicates they are moving onto the next screen. Also, buttons now become animated after they’ve been tapped!

Simplified User Management — Adding more users to your account has never been easier. Surveys can now be easily assigned to all users on your account with a “Select All Users” option on the “Assign Survey to Users” page.

All of these new features are available on our updated mobile app, which you can download at both the Apple and Android stores.

Shereen Dindar
Shereen Dindar was a Content Manager at QuickTapSurvey in 2015 and 2016. Have a story idea? Email us at marketing@quicktapsurvey.com