Customer Success Voice: Top 5 Survey Templates

Here on the Customer Success team, I have the great pleasure of getting to talk to a large number of customers who sign up for QuickTapSurvey and help them get set up in our platform.

When you sign up, the first task you are prompted to do is to create a survey.

This can be a daunting task for some people, especially when you are on a time crunch. My #1 piece of advice: create a survey using one of our templates!

Our templates are a great starting point for our top use cases in QuickTapSurvey, especially lead capture and customer feedback. They can also be easily customized for your specific needs.

Here is my list of top 5 survey templates:

1. Enter to Win (Lead Capture)
Plan Level(s): Advanced & Expert

Why it’s awesome: If you are attending a trade show or event and want to quickly capture names and email addresses, this template is the answer. Offering a prize or giveaway as an incentive is an effective way to improve your response rates as well! If you are not running a giveaway, don’t fret. This template is easily customizable to remove any mentions of a giveaway if it is not applicable for you.

Pro tip: Replace the default Image Display (Splash Screen) introduction screen in this template with your own image advertising your giveaway directly on your tablet!

2. Quick Contact Info (Lead Capture)
Plan Level(s): Basic, Advanced & Expert

Why it’s awesome: I consider this template our workhorse. This template is available on all our plan levels and can be easily modified for your needs. Want to capture more information that is not already included? Add your question in!

Pro tip: This template can be used for face-to-face or interview-style data capture.

3. Customer Satisfaction (Customer Feedback)
Plan Level(s): Advanced & Expert

Why it’s awesome: If you’re a business-owner, you’ll know that customer feedback is as valuable as gold. This template was built to capture feedback in-person because we found customers are more likely to provide feedback while they are present and engaged with your business.

Pro-tip: Add your logo and/or a custom background to help make your survey look like it was natively built for your business!

4. Scratch & Win (Lead Capture)
Plan Level(s): Expert

QuickTapSurvey Scratch to Win Scratched Box Survey

Why it’s awesome: As mentioned previously, giveaways help boost response rates. What better way to incentivize people to fill in your survey than to offer a prize on the spot? This template is super interactive and uses our Scratch Card question type to reveal a prize.

Pro-tip: Do you have twice as many T-shirts to give away than mugs? Add twice as many T-shirt images as answer options when setting up the Scratch Card question type to increase the odds of this prize showing up.

5. Get More Online Reviews (Customer Feedback)
Plan Level: Expert

Why it’s awesome: We all know reviews can make or break businesses. This template will help steer happy customers to leaving a review on your preferred platform (i.e. Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc.) and receive feedback from not-so-happy customers directly.

Pro-tip: Rather than asking for reviews on all possible platforms, pick one that you want to focus on at a time. See the template guide for more information on how to get set up: Online Review Template Guide.



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