Customer Success Voice: Top 4 Tips to Survey Kids

With the school year in full swing, we have heard from a number of customers who are looking to use QuickTapSurvey to survey kids, primarily for feedback.

While we consider ourselves to be a professional business tool, we have a fun side, too!

Using mobile devices to collect data from kids is a clever and effective strategy, especially since young children are exposed to these types of devices at a very young age these days. The buttons and the interface on mobile devices are going to be familiar and intuitive for them.

Here are my tips to set up QuickTapSurvey to survey children:

1. Use images!

My favourite question type to use for kids is Satisfaction Rating. This question type uses smiley faces to collect data and is a straightforward and easy-to-understand way to gather feedback from people of all ages. As a bonus, we also have enhanced reporting this specific question type: Satisfaction Report. We also have a number of other image-based question types, such as Star Rating and Multiple Choice with Image, which can be customized with your own images.

Insider’s Hack: You can copy and paste emojis as part of your answer options when using the Multiple Choice, Sliding Scale, and Matrix – Likert Scale question types.

multiple choice image

slider question type

2. Be concise

Kids tend to have a shorter attention span, so to keep them engaged with your survey, keep your questions as clear and concise as possible! Some young children in particular may have a hard time reading, so this is particularly imperative for them. As an added bonus, the shorter your questions are, the larger they will appear on a tablet when using the Face to Face or Kiosk Survey format.

3. Customize the background

A custom background is an easy way to take your survey to the next level, going from drab to ? ? ? (for the adults: this is how young people communicate when they see something awesome)! As long as the background image is in line with our image specifications, you have the freedom to upload whatever you want. Feel free to get creative!

4. Keep it fun!

Above everything else, make sure to keep your survey fun! This can be applicable when surveying people of all ages, but is particularly key with children. Maybe this means throwing in some questions about their favourite fruit or animal, or offering them a small incentive (stickers and candy worked for me back in the day ?). Remember to cater to your audience!




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