5 Creative Ways to Use Customer Feedback

Collecting customer feedback is crucial to understanding the wants and needs of your customers. Whether you have a few hundred customers or thousands, a big part of improving your business is analyzing customer feedback and implementing changes based on that data.

Creative Ways to Use Customer Feedback

Some ways of using customer feedback are pretty obvious: making general improvements, releasing new products, updating services, or tweaking customer service processes. But there are many creative ways you can utilize customer feedback as well. From expanding your social media presence to increasing customer engagement, there are many out-of-the-box ways customer feedback can unlock greater sales and improve your business.

WHAT: Email customers when their suggestions have been implemented.

WHY: Make customers feel important and valued.

Your customers want to know they are being heard. The next time you launch a new product or release an update influenced by customer suggestions, connect with them about it. It’s easy to use a feedback survey or a tool like Aha! to gather comments and contact information to keep customers in the loop when their suggestions are put into action. You could even gather customers with suggestions into a beta group to test out ideas before sharing with the masses.

Formstack Workflows Logic Release Email

Formstack uses Aha! to gather suggestions from customers. Their recent release of Workflow Logic was influenced by votes gathered on their customer feedback site. All voters received the email above when the product improvement went live.

Pro tip: Offer customers a discount or freebie to thank them for their feedback. To make them feel even more special, give them a sneak peek or free trial before the product or service launches!

WHAT: Use social media to highlight customer feedback you might implement in the future.

WHY: Start conversations around common customer suggestions and gather consensus.

Social media is all about engagement. What better way to engage with your audience than to ask them what they think? Posting customer suggestions on social media is a great way to get insight from a broader audience. But it takes a bit of prep work to pull this off well.

Here’s how to choose customer feedback to highlight on social media:

  1. Choose an area to focus on, like your product, customer experience, website, or events.

  2. Take some time to review customer suggestions from the last few months related to your focus area. Identify which ones could become reality quickly. Don’t put suggestions on social media you know would never happen—that will just irritate your audience.

  3. Once you’ve identified some feedback, such as selling a new flavor of chips, make some fun graphics to get the conversation started. A great example of this is Frito-Lay’s Do Us a Flavor campaign.
Lays Do Us a Flavor Campaign

WHAT: Create blog content around customer suggestions that have molded your product or service.

WHY: Sharing how customers have made an impact on business decisions makes them feel more connected to your brand.

Whenever business decisions are influenced by customer suggestions, make it known! Customers love knowing you value their thoughts and opinions. If customer feedback has led to extended business hours, new products, improved experiences, or a website refresh, share the story on your blog and social media. You could even spotlight customers who made impactful requests related to the launch. This will encourage suggestions from other customers and increase brand loyalty from those you spotlight.

Check out how QuickTapSurvey has focused on customer feedback to launch new releases.

WHAT: Launch a contest around common customer feedback.

WHY: Customers will love rooting for their favorite idea and be more inclined to share.

Customers not only love offering feedback, but voting on feedback as well. If you’ve garnered a few different suggestions around a certain topic, consider creating a contest on social media to see which suggestion is preferred among customers. This will help you engage your audience, creating a larger reach for your social media pages. It’s simple to create polls on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also highlight the competition on your website, like M&M’s does for its Flavor Vote campaign.

M&M's Flavor Vote

WHAT: Have your sales team begin conversations with customers about their feedback.

WHY: Make customers feel special while unearthing more information to guide business decisions.

The customer experience is what creates loyal consumers. To help your business develop better relationships with customers, consider having your sales team periodically cull through customer suggestions and pick a few to investigate. This gives your sales team a way to connect with customers about something they’re passionate about, while also helping your business learn more about customer wants and needs.

If a customer went to the trouble of submitting in a well-thought-out suggestion, they’ll feel respected and appreciated when your team connects with them to discuss further. This is an easy way to make customers feel like their voice matters.

Customer feedback can change your business for the better.

These are just a few creative ways you can use customer feedback to improve your business. If you don’t have a system established to help you gather customer feedback on a regular basis, try out QuickTapSurvey.

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Lindsay McGuire

Lindsay McGuire

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