A Celebration of Our Startup’s Diversity to Mark #Canada150

Building a company is no easy task but creating one where there is a strong foundation of respect for one another truly feels like an accomplishment.

Watch our team share why we love being Canadian.

When we started QuickTapSurvey, it was literally just me and my co-founder Tishan sitting in a basement dreaming of how iPads can simplify the way people capture data. As we turned this vision into a reality, we realized we needed a team with a wide range of perspectives so we could innovate and succeed as a global tech company. In six years, we went from the two of us to a team of almost forty.



Looking back now, it’s very clear that addressing diversity early on was one of the smartest decisions we could have made. Just this week our Canada Day
diversity survey showed our team of 37 in Toronto represent 20 countries including Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Korea, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, and Vietnam, to name a few.


QuickTapSurvey Diversity

QuickTapSurvey employeesQuickTapSurvey employees represent 20 countries

This team serves thousands of customers in over 135 countries and proves what we thought all along – a product stands a better chance of resonating with a global audience when it’s created by people from around the world.

As founders, we are proud that diversity is hard-wired into our corporate culture. We’ve come out of tough situations by making better decisions only because of our diverse views. And as Canada turns 150, it is thrilling to see the QuickTapSurvey office being a true reflection of this wondrous country we call home. Tishan and I truly believe that workplace diversity doesn’t just benefit businesses themselves, but also our employees and society as a whole.

Happy 150th Canada! I’d like to sign off with this video of our team sharing why we love being Canadian. Enjoy.


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Ravin Shah

Ravin Shah

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Ravin is a co-founder of QuickTapSurvey and his dream is to see a world where it's easy for people to collect information. Have a story idea? Email us at marketing@quicktapsurvey.com
Ravin Shah