How Blue Marsh Insurance Went From Old School Lead Capture to a Fully Digital Solution

Blue Marsh Insurance Inc. is an independent insurance agency serving clients in Pennsylvania and the surrounding mid-Atlantic region. Since their inception, they work to combine technology with old-fashioned customer service to simplify doing business with them. At Blue Marsh Insurance, customer service is not something they take lightly. Customer experience is at the core of everything they do, and is the reason why their advisors don’t just sell clients insurance but help them create a secure future.

Blue Marsh Insurance


The Blue Marsh Insurance team attends a variety of events throughout the year including trade shows and local sporting events. In order to collect new prospect information they recently used the classic fish bowl method: having attendees fill out paper slips and toss them into a fish bowl for further follow up.

While this method did collect names and emails, it was highly inefficient and took up employees’ valuable time. At times slips were not filled out entirely, or were illegible, rendering them useless. This method also required a full day to organize the slips and transfer them into a more usable format. The inefficiency of this system not only affected employees’ time, it also prevented advisors from reaching out to prospects quickly and following up with leads.


Wasting employees time frustrated Tom Davenport, President at Blue Marsh Insurance. With no shortage of future events, Tom knew he needed to find a better data collection strategy. Not just any survey tool was going to make the cut. It needed to be simple to use for both the employee and prospect, it had to integrate with Zapier to automate their inbound marketing process, and it had to function both online and offline. After asking other business owners and searching online, some suggested he just use a web form, but that required an internet connection, and was not the solution Tom was looking for. After a thorough research and selection process, Tom signed up with QuickTapSurvey which met all of his needs – and then some.

Blue Marsh Insurance


After using QuickTapSurvey for a trial period, Blue Marsh Insurance finally found a data collection solution that worked. Not only was it simple to use; the simplicity and reliability of the product was obvious compared to other data collection tools. Using the QuickTapSurvey platform made an immediate and noticeable difference for the Blue Marsh Insurance team.

The lag time that was experienced using the fishbowl method has been completely eliminated. The offline feature allows data to be collected anywhere and automatically sync with other integrations which ensures the data is in a usable format.

Using the integration features, Blue Marsh Insurance has been able to leverage the power of Zapier to connect with HubSpot and Google Apps. This allows them to expedite their contact and conversion process with clients.

Finally, QuickTapSurvey increased the accuracy of results while completely eliminating the issue of illegible entries. The required field feature ensured that the Blue Marsh Insurance Protection Advisors had all of the information they needed to start their conversation with prospects.

Overall, Blue Marsh Insurance has been able to save 8 hours (one full day) of manual data collection per event. The Zapier integration further automates their data collection process ensuring all data is automatically entered into their CRM instantaneously. Finally, the accuracy of data collected has seen a significant increase.

“QuickTapSurvey is the ideal solution for us to capture leads at various off-site events in our community. We’re able to provide an easy, simple process for folks to share their information with us. The system is super simple to use and easy to set up reports and integration with other systems. QTS also integrates with Zapier to allow us to automate our response process and eliminates data entry – which saves us time and money while giving a great first impression to new friends that we meet. We can even re-purpose our event kiosks for survey requests in our offices to measure our Net Promoter Score. One of the best features was evident when the venue of our recent trade show changed the WiFi access code and we lost connectivity. QTS still captured every single entry and once we reconnected to the Internet, all of our info was immediately uploaded. We’re excited to discover more ways of using this great tool. I’d recommend QTS to any business that wants to give their customers or prospects a way to share information at events. It’s super easy to use and works flawlessly.”

Blue Marsh Insurance
Tom Davenport
Founder and President
Blue Marsh Insurance, Inc.




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