Summer Interns Say Farewell

With August coming to an end, it’s time for us to say goodbye to our summer interns. Before they left, we asked them a few questions about their time here at QuickTapSurvey. Here’s what they had to say: 


What was your favorite part about your role?

“My favorite part about my role at QuickTapSurvey was how it allowed me to collaboratively work with other team members to ensure the highest standard of quality for our product. My job gave me the flexibility to talk to every team in the company about our product and how we could improve it. The best part is, some of my recommendations will be included in future product releases!” 

Satwik, Quality Assurance Co-op, University of Waterloo

What did a typical day in your role look like?

“I wouldn’t say there was a ‘typical’ day at QuickTapSurvey. As a start-up, QuickTapSurvey’s environment was dynamic and fast-paced. This meant that I was constantly working on different projects, which was really exciting!

The marketing team had a daily morning huddle, where we would go over the projects each team member was working on for the day. After I finished my daily reports, I would work on the project discussed during our huddle. These projects varied from creating marketing campaigns to creating video content to calling and qualifying incoming leads for the business.”

Parry, Marketing Coordinator Co-op, Wilfrid Laurier University

What was the biggest lesson you learned in this role?

As a programmer, QuickTapSurvey certainly taught me a great deal in the technical sense by throwing me into their code base. The greatest takeaway I got from this position was the importance of having attention to detail. This role taught me how to look at our project as a whole, rather than simply ‘getting my assignment done’.

The company’s designer was a huge advocate of paying attention to the smallest details and constantly emphasized how minor errors could blow out of proportion. With this idea in mind, I strongly believe working here has made me a better developer.”

Adam, Software Engineer, University of Toronto 

What kind of projects did you work on?

“I got to work on a lot of fun projects during my time here! The biggest project was probably re-designing the video workflow. They’re all posted online and used throughout our website. It feels great to see your contributions being used actively by the company.”

Tee, Customer Support Superhero, University of Waterloo

What did you think about the company culture at QuickTapSurvey?

“I found QuickTapSurvey was able to keep up the style and feel of a start-up, even though the company is growing rapidly. The open space concept of the office also helped contribute to the friendly atmosphere.

On the product side of things, I felt the company was always open to feedback and really took employees’ suggestions into consideration. Getting together with every department at our monthly company-wide meetings really helped feel like a part of the company. Everyone was easily approachable and friendly, which helped make the office a comfortable environment to work in.”

Chris, Software Engineer Co-op, University of Waterloo

What are you going to miss most about QuickTapSurvey?

“It’s hard to single out the single greatest thing about working here, so I’ll talk about two.
Waking up every Friday to a delicious catered breakfast has been one of the greatest things I’ve ever experienced in my life. The selection and variety of the meals have never disappointed. I’ll also miss the lively atmosphere and the amazing people who work here. I’ve gotten a taste (pun intended) of the good life here at QuickTapSurvey and I’ll treasure it dearly.”

Lance, QA Automation Developer Co-op, University of Waterloo



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