How This Dental Group Uses Patient Feedback Surveys to Improve Healthcare

With four practices, 162 years of collective experience, and over 500 thousand patients treated, the Pediatric Dental Group understands the value of quality customer service. The PDG has been bringing high quality pediatric dental and orthodontic services to their communities for the past 44 years. The PDG relies on QuickTapSurvey to collect patient feedback. The data collection app helps them quickly collect data from their patients across four different locations.


Before finding QuickTapSurvey, the PDG used patient management software to keep track of all of their patients. As a service business, customer satisfaction is a huge indicator of how well they deliver their service. The PDG wanted to improve their data collection in order to retain more accurate information and continue providing their patients with excellent customer service. They also needed to understand their current patient’s demographics and expectations better so they could market to new potential customers.


There were two primary uses the PDG needed a tool for; collecting patient feedback, and gathering information for marketing campaigns. The PDG has always strived to offer the best customer service and needed a machine that could collect data from a large number of patients across four different locations. The solution had to be fast, easy-to-use, user-friendly, and generate reports immediately. That’s why QuickTapSurvey was a great fit.

QuickTapSurvey Goals and Results

The goals that the PDG had when implementing QuickTapSurvey were:

  • Reach more customers across multiple locations
  • Collect better, more accurate information
  • Generate reports instantly based on customer feedback

By adding the QuickTapSurvey platform to their repertoire, the PDG has been able to collect data from all four of their locations and quickly analyze it under one succinct platform. The mobile capabilities of QuickTapSurvey allow patients to fill out a feedback survey independently increasing the accuracy and efficiency of data collection.

“QuickTapSurvey helps us conduct both patient-facing as well as internal staff surveys. It is easy to set up and reliable, with a good interface and clean graphics that patients respond to. We use QuickTapSurvey data collection kiosks at 4 different locations and are able to analyze responses as one data set. QuickTapSurvey serves its purpose at our organization every day. They have a very responsive and helpful customer service as well!”

Lidia Mendes
Marketing Coordinator

Unexpected, Multiple Use Cases

During Halloween, the HR team was able to run a costume contest using QuickTapSurvey. Although employees were spread between four locations, the HR team was able to set up a survey quickly and collect results and then view them all on one platform. In just a few hours they were able to set up a survey, collect data, and generate a report. This scenario transfers to receiving customer feedback as well. Once data is collected reports automatically generate in QuickTapSurvey making it easy for management to compare practices and ensure they are meeting their customer’s expectations.


Kiana Chin

Kiana Chin

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