Customer Feedback Survey Saves Over 200 Hours In Manual Data Collection

The Cincinnati Art Museum is an encyclopedic art museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. They have a diverse collection of over 67, 000 works. In addition to displaying works from their permanent collections, they also develop and present special exhibitions and a wide variety of programs and events.


The Cincinnati Art Museum had various data collection needs including measuring visitor experience and collecting information securely for reports and grants. Feedback collected by paper and pencil had to be entered manually before any data could be modelled or viewed succinctly. With new and returning visitors viewing the Cincinnati Art Museum’s special exhibitions daily, it was essential to find a quick, appealing, and effective way for visitors to
share feedback. This visitor feedback informs museum planning and provides the option of making data-driven decisions.


Caitlin Tracey-Miller is the Visitor Research Coordinator at the Cincinnati Art Museum. To account for the volume and spread of the visitors Caitlin needed to find a solution that was visually appealing, easy to analyze, and did not require a volunteer present at all times. Art Museum staff members first came across QuickTapSurvey when searching for data collection apps. They discussed how QuickTapSurvey would work in galleries and at outreach events.

“I approached QuickTapSurvey because I needed an attractive and effective way to
collect data. QuickTapSurvey helped me by providing great customer service in a timely
manner. The result was thousands of additional visitor responses. One thing I liked was
their customizable templates. I found the experience rewarding. I would recommend
QuickTapSurvey to businesses who need a great survey tool.”

Caitlin Tracey-Miller

Visitor Research Coordinator
Cincinnati Art Museum

QuickTapSurvey Usage and Results

By replacing paper forms with QuickTapSurvey, the Cincinnati Art Museum was able to take their data capture anywhere — from the museum itself to various outreach events conducted offsite.

Another significant benefit was the ability to customize the survey template so that it better fit the branding of various exhibitions. The ability to add start screens, text, different backgrounds, and the Cincinnati Art Museum logo was an essential function that allowed the surveys to blend into the galleries.

Before QuickTapSurvey, collecting information with iPads was limited to whether or not a volunteer was present. With kiosk mode, the tablets can be left unattended in a secure kiosk, and visitors can complete the surveys as they view the galleries. This helped to increase the response rate and get an immediate pulse on the exhibition.

Lastly, by making the switch to QuickTapSurvey, the Cincinnati Art Museum was able to reduce their need for manual data entry. Now they track their analytics and feedback with automatically generated Microsoft Excel reports. This helps evaluate how an exhibition reaches goals and allows the museum to collect important visitor feedback.

Overall the Cincinnati Art Museum has been able to increase their visitor feedback rates by hundreds of responses for every exhibition and has saved over 200 hours in manual data collection efforts.




Kiana Chin

Kiana Chin

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