Audit and Inspection Guide

An audit or inspection is a method of data collection that ensures that certain processes and levels of quality have been met. Audits help maintain reliable activities and reduce risks. Using a mobile audit software allows you to maintain a centralized database and automate your inspections and checklists.

The evolution of audit and inspection

Before mobile softwares were created audits could have been completed with clipboards and pens. This method lacks the ability to easily centralize data, react quickly to responses, and find sore spots. Now audits can be automated allowing for real time reporting which aids decision making and quickly uncovers issues. Offline survey softwares are a great tool for audit inspections since they can be used in areas with limited or no wifi.

How a survey doubles as an audit or inspection

Essentially a survey and an audit inspection are a set of questions that provide insight into an event a user experienced. The way the questions are presented and the types of questions that are asked may differ but the function is the same. One main difference that is beneficial for an audit inspection is being able to see all of the questions on one form. Having the questions on one form allows users to have a holistic view of how things are going and make connections to previous questions. Luckily this function is available on QuickTapSurvey.

Where are audits and inspections used

They can be used anywhere! If delivering a high quality product or service and meeting employee and customer expectations is important to you, chances are you could benefit from audits or inspections. Here are some popular places we see people using QuickTapSurvey for audits and inspections:

audits and inspections

1. Manufacturing Companies

Ensure your products are meeting standards and all of your equipment is working properly. The ability to go through a checklist can confirm employees are safe, there are no visible hazards, and products are up to quality. Real time updates can allow management to address any concerns immediately.

2. Construction Sites

Identify hazards and problems using an audit. Audits allow crew leaders to quickly locate any potential issue and ensure safety regulations are being met, such as having proper signage visible. A construction audit can help improve processes and protect the health and safety of the workers and public.

3. Facilities Management

Managing multiple locations and areas can be a difficult task to coordinate. Using an automated inspection form allows managers to compare the results of different locations, improve methods, and address any concerns immediately. The signature feature on QuickTapSurvey also brings accountability to employees.

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Audit and Inspection Guide
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