8 Practical Ways to Use Employee Surveys at Work

The workplace is a great place to be implementing surveys for various forms of data collection. Here are 8 great and practical ways for Human Resources to use employee surveys in the office!

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  1. Health and Safety Assessments
    Depending on health and safety assessments frequency vary depending on the size of your office and the operations of your company. This survey will allow you to conduct an assessment of your workplace to ensure that everything is up to par or determine any changes that must be made. Using the same health and safety assessment survey during every assessment will allow you to complete trend analysis.
  2. Recruitment Feedback
    At the end of a candidate’s in-person interview, you can provide them a recruitment feedback survey. This survey is a great tool to get a candidate’s personal take on your company’s recruitment process. You can find out if the recruitment pipeline worked too fast or slow for them. If they came in to your office, you can see what their first impressions are of your office. This data is fully actionable and compared to all candidates that come into your office.
  3. Legal Surveys
    With every interview there are always those awkward but very important legal questions that have to be asked such as: Are you legally entitled to work in Canada? Do you have an arrest or convictions? Are you bondable? Sometimes these important questions are easily left out of an interview because there isn’t enough time or the candidate may not be comfortable in responding. This is a great survey to your candidates before or after their in person interview.
  4. Employee General Information
    Remember that candidate you’ve interviewed and just hired? Well today is their first day and they need to complete the morning paperwork. Using a survey to collect your new employee’s information is a great way to go paperless and a practical tool because all the data collected, for this new employee and others, is in one central place!
  5. Employee Engagement Surveys
    Your employees opinions matter a lot. Employee engagement survey can vary in their distribution time, monthly, bi-annually, or annually, same goes for the length of these surveys. Employee engagement surveys that are distributed on a monthly basis can contain at minimum 1 key question, something that management could be trying to addressed, or a much longer 40 question survey that is distributed bi-annually that takes a comprehensive look at all aspects of the employee’s satisfaction.
  6. Employee Feedback
    Are you planning on introducing a new perk or benefit in to the company but don’t know which one will be the most useful or beneficial to your employees? An employee information survey is the perfect solution as it will help asses your employee’s needs. This survey will allow you to have as many investigative questions, for you to take on for actionable data.
  7. Consent Forms
    Team events are no strange to companies that want their employees to have fun outside of work. Consent forms are a great way for employers to ensure that their employees does not hold them liable should something go awry at next team event. If your office going to be taking company photos with the intention to be released publicly, consent forms are another great way to ensure everyone is on the same page. Simply pass around the form to your employees, have them review and complete, just like that you are good to go!
  8. Exit Interviews
    It’s one of your employee’s last day and as part of company procedures an exit interview will be conducted. Exit interviews are a great time to find out answers to some tough questions: Why are they leaving your company? Is there anything that we could have done better to help the employee stay? This survey can be completed face to face in an interview style or can be completed by an employee individually after their exit interview.

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