6 Employee Pulse Survey Ideas for HR Managers

Internal HR surveys can provide incredible insight into the opinions and mindsets of employees. They provide employees with the opportunity to feel heard and valued within the organization. People want to know that their company considers what they think. This can boost retention and loyalty to the organization, which are tremendous assets in the modern, high-turnover business world.

The Value of Employee Pulse Surveys

Many organizations do conduct regular surveys with their employees. Unfortunately, however, they are often only once or twice per year. This provides minimal data for HR representatives to use. Companies should instead focus on offering more regular surveys to give them a better idea of how the opinions of those at the company change throughout the year. This can be done with employee pulse surveys.

Employee pulse surveys are short, less than 10 questions long, and focus on a specific area. Since they take only a few moments, they can be used as regularly: some businesses will use them daily or weekly. This will create a culture of communication within the company.

As you build this improved work culture, your employees will feel more engaged with the organization. This will help them boost productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

Employee pulse surveys can cover nearly every area of the business. Here are 6 that you should consider including in your rotation.

6 Popular Employee Pulse Surveys

Voting survey for benefits, events, and activities

According to Tower Watson, more than half of employees believe that healthcare and retirement benefits are an important reason to remain with an employer. Another survey found that 56 percent of employees report that they consider job benefits to be a very or moderately important factor when evaluating a job offer.

Providing your employees with a regular benefits pulse survey can help you gather opinions throughout the year about how well the benefits you offer align with employee needs. Inquiring with employees about their opinions regarding events and activities will also keep them engaged with the company.


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eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score ®)

An employee Net Promoter Score ® survey asks your employees about the likelihood that they would recommend your organization to others looking for a job. It will give you a better idea of what employees like and do not like about their jobs. This can help you make important adjustments.

When employees know you listen to them, it will help build loyalty. Considering that it can cost about 20 percent of an employee’s salary to replace them, that loyalty can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line.


eNPS, Employee Net Promotor Score, employee pulse surveys


Professional development survey

Professional development programs help employees nurture their industry skills, encouraging them to grow as workers. Companies that offer comprehensive training programs can see as much as a 24 percent higher profit margin compared to those who spend less.

Survey employees to gauge their satisfaction with the training offered them. You can also see if there are any particular skills that they would like to continue to improve. This can boost profitability and employee retention.


Professional development survey, employee pulse survey


Post-project survey

Once a project has been completed, use employee pulse surveys to reach out to employees to get their opinions on how everything went. Ask specifically about how they feel regarding their work-life balance and employer expectations. When employees feel as though too much is expected of them, it can lead to burn-out.

Regularly evaluating employee impressions and soliciting their opinions helps everyone feel more engaged with the organization. People feel as though the management appreciates their thoughts, which improves retention and engagement. HR professionals across industries should look for ways to incorporate these regular surveys into their schedule.

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Office culture survey

Surveys are a great way to know how your employees feel about their teams and work dynamics. Strengthen team dynamics by knowing what makes each team tick, and get insights on how to ease the transition for new working groups. These surveys can help you gain a better look at how employees feel about the organization and the office itself and can help you unearth grievances that might not have otherwise been noticed, but could impact employee morale.

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360 feedback survey

Using a 360 feedback survey, you will examine employee opinions on the various factors impacting the business. You might inquire about coworkers, subordinates, and supervisors and also look at their opinions and interactions with vendors, contractors, and customers.

Offer employees the opportunity to anonymously provide feedback about their employers or coworkers.. These observations can help business leaders better evaluate their own weaknesses and how those shortcomings end up impacting employee experiences and therefore their retention and loyalty. When changes are made based on survey responses, employees also feel listened to.


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