5 Ways to Rock Your Next Trade Show

81 percent of trade show attendees have buying authority at their organizations. If you catch someone’s eye at an event, you’ve got a strong shot at becoming their new vendor. Dazzle leads and delight existing clients, nearly two-thirds of whom visit these shows, to define your brand and amplify a lead over your competition. These 5 strategies will have you rocking the next event on your schedule with incredible benefits for ROI.

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1. Get the guest list ahead of time 

It pays off to get the list of people who signed up for the trade show at least eight weeks in advance, then import the list into your CRM so you can prospect for leads and let qualified leads to know where to find your booth.

Use postcards to raise awareness the month before the show, then send email reminders throughout the week leading up to the trade show.

2. Prepare personalized content for VIP leads

Trade shows are valuable opportunities for top leads to meet you face to face and form a connection with your brand.

Prepare personalized content for show VIPs, such as a personalized prospectus that is written to reflect their needs. Follow this up with a conversation at the show where you address the VIPs business needs and how you can help. Focused, personalized attention creates a powerful and lasting impression that can win you the client.

3. Upgrade your freebie to stand out

Every brand offers freebies to entice visitors, but let’s face it—the standard swag bag is not impressive any longer. So how do you stand out? Upgrade your freebie to something guests actually want or need.

Hire a barista for the day who can serve up Americanos or single-origin, fair trade coffee. Order cups printed with your logo to promote your brand.

As tired attendees flock to your “real deal” coffee, grab a cup and go back to exploring the show, they will become brand advocates wherever they go. The scent of fresh coffee will turn heads—and get noses following the scent straight to your booth.

By getting trade show attendees buzzing (in more ways than one) you can make a promotional splash while feeling good knowing you’re helping guests enjoy the trade show experience.

4. Bring your product to life with technology

Technological advancements have made it easier than ever to create an immersive digital experience that wows trade show attendees and brings your product to life. If you don’t use tech to highlight your product, you may stand out — for all the wrong reasons.

Trade show visitors expect technology to highlight your product’s advantages. Augmented reality allows the visitor to sample your product in the real world through a mediated experience. This increases the immersive nature of a demo over, say, showing off your product on the show floor. Interactive screens are another way to bring your great ideas to life in a scale where they can wow audiences.

If you need one on one conversations, not dazzling demos, consider adding a digital recharging station to your booth. You’ll get the attention of grateful showgoers who don’t want to leave the show floor to find a lobby outlet. When you bring over a barista brew, you’ve got a welcome ice-breaker that opens the door to focused conversation about your products.

To top your technology game, you can use a lead capture app or an offline survey to capture leads information and build an email list, therefore, accomplishing your trade show goal. You can also place a kiosk survey next to your barista so people can add their contact information while they’re waiting for their coffee. 

5. Be bold on social media to boost engagement at the trade show

Leading up to the trade show and continuing after, bring your social media A game to stay in the conversation and capture more attention.

Let strategy drive your social posts across all the channels you use. Always include trade show hashtags to get found by curious attendees who may not have planned to visit your booth but make it a must-see when your social content dazzles.

These tips will help you stand out from the competition on a cluttered trade show floor. To close out those deals, put on your rockstar team members, reinforce messaging, and make those personal connections count.








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Meera Tawil

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