5 Ways to Have the Best Booth at a Trade Show

You’ve probably been to trade shows before that seem to have table after table of booths that all look alike. However, there are probably a few that stood out from the crowd—booths that you remember. What made these booths special? If you are planning to attend a show as a presenter, you want to be one of those memorable booths. We’ve put together five tips that can help you have the best booth at the show!

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  • Choose the Right People – People make the difference. Put some effort and thought into the people you choose to represent your booth and your brand at a tradeshow. Sales experience is good, but a good salesperson does not necessarily make a good trade show presenter. Make sure you have plenty of people to staff the booth too, so you don’t wind up with people coming to talk to you that wind up standing around with no one to talk to! A team of good trade show reps can make a huge difference in your success for the long term.
  • Use Technology – Today, people use social media, mobile devices and other technology as part of their everyday life. You should be using these things too. Don’t let your booth get stuck in the 1990’s. If you aren’t utilizing social media and QR codes at the very least, you will be far behind the other booths at the show. You may also want to add multimedia elements in the form of video and audio to make your booth come alive and may bring in people who would normally pass right by your booth.
  • Focus on a Goal – You shouldn’t attend a trade show with on goal in mind. When you do that, you will flounder about and nothing will be accomplished. Sit down and decide what you plan to accomplish at the show. By putting your goals down in writing, you will find it is much easier to design a booth that accomplishes things. Are you trying to make sales, make connections or just build your brand? Each of these requires a little something different from your booth building.
  • Take Advantage of Giveaways – There is one undeniable fact. People love free stuff. Take advantage of the opportunity you have to let people try your product. Whether you have a raffle to give away a full product or if you have something you an offer as a sample or trial, giving something away will help you be regarded as a good value and special. A trade show should be a special event, make it one by giving away something of value. If you decide to host a contest, using an iPad contest app can make the process seamless.
  • Follow Up – No matter what your booth looks like, you will be remembered if you follow up on the leads you meet at the show. Don’t let those connections get away from you. Send out an email, make a phone call or connect on social media. It does not take much to make things happen and by following up, instead of expecting the lead to do it for you, you will be remembered long after the trade show has closed its doors.

Finally, remember that your reason for being at a trade show is to gather leads—quality leads. If you’d like more information about our iPad lead capture app, iPad contest app or our offline trade show app, reach out to QuickTapSurvey today. We would love to help you stand out from the crowd!



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