How To Generate More Trade Show Leads

Trade show season can be stressful. With the cost of attendance, the man hours spent on planning and execution, and very real concerns about maximizing ROI, the pressure to generate quality sales leads at trade shows is always high. Here are our 8 trade show tips for capturing those leads.

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  1. Define Your Goals: It’s hard to be successful when no one has concretely defined what “success” is. The first thing to do in the planning process is to set challenging yet realistic goals for each trade show.Avoid cliche statements like, “we want to do better at getting people to our booth.” How much better? How many people do you want each of your sales reps to talk to? How many leads do you want to have by the time the show’s over? By setting goals that can be assessed by facts and numbers, you’ll be able to measure success, as well as think of specific ways to meet those objectives.
  2. Promote Your Event Attendance: It may seem strange to promote a trade show that you’re not directly involved in planning. But ultimately, you have to look at that trade show as your stage, and you want as many people in the audience as possible. After all, a bigger pool of people means more potential leads.Blast your customers and contacts about the show. Some companies even pay for passes for their biggest buyers and/or prospects. Just make sure to let them know which booth you’ll be at, so that they can make sure to stop by.
  3. Create A Consistent Identity For Your Staff: In a sea of exhibits, it’s all about how eye-catching you can be. Obviously, your booth design has a lot to do with this, but you also have the opportunity to catch people’s attention with what your sales team is wearing.Design a cool t-shirt that everyone can sport at the event. Avoid an overly promotional design, and instead go for something that will intrigue people enough to stop and see what your brand is all about.
  4. Be interactive: Creating an interactive experience goes a long way toward drawing people’s attention in any scenario, and trade shows are no different. By bringing in audience participation, you’ll attract a crowd. Use QuickTapSurvey to design an interactive kiosk to capture the leads while entertaining them with a contest/quiz.You want to create an experience around your brand and products at a trade show. The use of live demonstrations, touch screens, and interesting new technologies like mobile augmented reality are great ways of doing this.
  5. Cut To The Chase: Time is precious at a trade show. There are only so many hours in each day during which you can generate those leads, so speed is paramount.That said, avoid small talk. Both you and your attendees are there for the same purpose: business. Get straight to the point with each conversation–understanding their needs and explaining how your company can meet them.

Once the dust settles, make sure to follow up with all of your leads as soon as possible. Be extremely quick to respond to all requests, and concentrate on setting up appointments with new leads. Armed with these lead generation tips, you’ll have a lot of work to do after the show is over.

Anthony Neal Macri
Anthony Macri was an Online Marketing Manager at QuickTapSurvey in 2016. Have a story idea? Email us at