5 Trade Show Ideas To Attract Visitors

Trade shows are the perfect playground to showcase your brand in a fun and exciting way. The biggest challenge at any event is to attract visitors to your trade show booth. How do you make your booth stand out? To help answer this question, we compiled this list of our favorite trade show ideas to attract new visitors to your booth .

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1. WaterWalk

Trade Show Ideas To Attract Attention

What is the best way to communicate your charity’s mission in an interactive way? Challenge visitors to carry 80 pounds of water several feet, that’s how. At an inbound marketing conference in Boston, charity: water’s WaterWalk simulated a journey to access clean water in the developing world.

2. Little Duck Organics Skee-Ball

Trade Show Ideas To Attract Attention
Kudos to the Little Duck Organics team, an organic snack producer for kids, for building a fully functioning Skee-Ball that is sure to trigger childhood memories. A visitor may vaguely remember the company that offered them a free sample, but participating in a game to win a prize will never be forgotten.

3. Michelin’s “Be the Tire”

Kiosk Survey Michellin
At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michelin’s “Be the Tire” simulator let visitors experience the bumps and vibrations of various road surfaces from the perspective of the tire. This is interaction at its finest and is a unique way to create a memorable experience for the visitor.

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4. Ghostery: “They’re Watching You…”

Ghostery Kiosk Tradeshow
Ghostery is an online consumer privacy tool that blocks companies accessing online information about you. Last year at South by Southwest, their booth featured video footage of a street nearby with a caption “Ever feel like you’re being followed?”. This naturally evokes curiosity to attract visitors to their booth. The video concluded with screenshots of Ghostery protecting a browser.

5. Golf Town Contest Kiosk

Golftown Using Survey App Kiosks
There’s no question about it that people love the thrill of entering a contest. Contests are the perfect recipe for attracting trade show attendees to your booth and capturing leads. Golf Town used the QuickTapSurvey platform to create a contest that enabled them to capture lead information on tablets and kiosks at the Golf and Travel Show in Toronto. The Golf Town team had success in 2 ways: Firstly, it helped them to stand out and entice visitors to their booth, and secondly, it allowed them to create a capture potential lead information in a fun way.

Now, it’s over to you. What have you done or seen in the past that truly embraced interaction at trade shows?

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David Wogan
David Wogan was an Online Marketing Specialist at QuickTapSurvey in 2014. Have a story idea? Email us at marketing@quicktapsurvey.com