5 Simple Ways to Collect Customer Feedback

Customer feedback does more than just help you make sure you are fulfilling your promises and getting good results. Your customer feedback can be used to guide decisions that impact your business, from the channels you use to the promotions and marketing materials you choose for your brand. Customer satisfaction is also an important metric for the health of your business; if feedback is off, you may have a problem somewhere in your process. Knowing how customers view not only your product or service but your support and brand, in general, gives you the information you need to grow your business and ensures you strike the right balance with your prospects and existing clients.

5 Simple Ways to Collect Customer Feedback

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Use Social Media

You can use your social media channels to directly ask your prospects and customers how you are doing, and also monitor your accounts to be sure you are actively listening. In an increasingly mobile society, customers with a problem or even a compliment might not come to you directly; they could just post on Facebook or Twitter and tag your business. Knowing what your business looks like online and monitoring your channels can help boost your insight into customer feedback and let you know how both individuals and groups view your business.

Create an Email Campaign

The same system you use to provide information, share promotions and get in contact with your customers can also be used to learn more about their needs and their level of satisfaction. Sending an email after a purchase making sure the customer was happy lets them know you are interested in them and their satisfaction even after the transaction has ended. Contacting your customers via email allows them the time they need to think about and formulate a response and ensures that you get well thought out answers. This campaign is best if you are willing to commit to following up and responding to all emails swiftly; customers who take the time to email you will want their input validated.

Conduct a Survey

What does the customer really think about your product or service – right at the point of purchase? An offline survey app makes it easy to collect the information you need right on site and provides valuable feedback from your customers. Why did they choose item A over item B? What did they think of their server? Did they have an ideal experience, or was there something you could improve? The key to getting answers to these questions is to ask – in the right format at the right time. Simple surveys are best – your customers need to know that answering will improve your ability to meet their needs and that the process will take very little of their time or effort.

Make it Easy to Get in Touch

Make sure your site has a way for customers to easily find you and your contact information. It could be as simple as a pop-up that asks “how are we doing” or a page that provides email and other contact information for your team. By giving customers who are motivated to do so a way to touch base, you give them another avenue to provide you with feedback and get in touch. Including this information on your tangible materials, like brochures, tags and other customer items also gives them an easy way to get in touch when they have something to share.

Review your Analytics

Which parts of your site are people most likely to use – and how often are they visiting? Reviewing the analytics of both your website and your in-person traffic can help you determine a lot about the way your customers use your space and what they do when they visit. Customer analytics that track what a customer buys, when they buy it and even what items are returned can provide some valuable feedback whenever you care to examine it.




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