5 Resources That All Event Managers Should Be Using

Have you been looking for event management resources? Whether you are looking to conduct research for an event, chat with fellow event managers, or download educational event resources, we’ve compiled a collection of the best websites for event managers.

1. Quora

event manager resources quora
Quora is site where users can ask a question on any topic and get answers from people with first hand experience. It’s like a Yahoo Answers for smart people. Whether you are looking for advice on a new type of event you are running or you are doing some research, Quora should should be your go-to source.

2. EventProfs

event manager resources eventprofs
This bi-weekly Twitter chat has been recently revived by @BrandtKrueger. Content is shared on Twitter on a daily basis via the #eventprofs and on their Facebook Group.

3. BizBash Blog

event manager resources bizbash
This is a hub for news, inspiration, and trends for the event planning industry in North America. There is even a venue and supplier directory for major North American cities, and subscriptions for information of upcoming events. It’s a very valuable source of information.

4. Event Manager Blog

event manager resources event manager blog
The Event Manager Blog boasts a wide array of educational materials for event professionals. From free ebooks, to tips and inspiration, this blog will help you to become a better event manager. They also sell WordPress themes to help you easily create a website to promote your event.

5. Event Planning and Management LinkedIn Group

event manager resources Event Planning and Management LinkedIn Group
This LinkedIn Group is a spin-off from the Event Manager Blog that has over 171,000 members. If you are looking to connect with a global network of event managers in a non-promotional environment, then this is the LinkedIn group for you. Members regularly post educational content and there are regional subgroups.

What resources have you found useful for event managers? Let us know in the comments section below.

David Wogan
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