5 Questions That Should Be in Every Employee Engagement Survey

An employee engagement survey provides valuable insight into how your teams think and what makes them tick. You can learn more about how your employees interact, what they think of their jobs and even what they think of your company if you ask the right questions during this useful survey.

What questions are most useful? The answer could surprise you; while asking about an individual’s own tasks and role can provide some data, it is far more useful to ask about the employee’s thoughts and feelings on the company as a whole. The right questions will yield more than just information about a particular workers satisfaction levels – they’ll reveal how well you are matching employees with tasks, educating your team and even building a loyal and committed workforce. Online surveys make it fast and easy to get the answers you need and help filter out unneeded data and noise.

Employee Engagement Survey

5 Questions That Should Be in Every Employee Engagement Survey

Employee retention, morale and your company culture are at the heart of a good employee engagement survey; including the questions below gives you some valuable feedback into how you are doing, how likely your employees are to stick around and just how ideal your corporate culture is.

Do you understand what we do – and what our goals are?

It’s too easy to let employees settle into a task without giving them the scoop about your main mission and goals. The answer to this question will reveal a lot about just how much your average worker knows about what you do – and if they can’t come up with an answer, how are they working towards and forwarding your business goals?

Do you feel like you have the opportunity for professional growth here?

The answer to this question will reveal how your employees feel about their long-term prospects – do they see your organization as a stepping stone or as a place of true growth. Not every employee will want to stay with you forever, but too many workers who answer this in the negative could indicate you have a retention problem.

Do you enjoy working with your team?

One of the biggest contributors to workplace and job satisfaction is the relationship that employees have with one another. Employees who enjoy working together support one another and who have positive relationships are strong indicators of a positive workplace. Positive responses to this question indicate you have a healthy workplace culture and that your employees truly enjoy working for you.

Do you know where to go for help?

You’ve worked hard to come up with support systems and lines of communication for your workers – but do they know how to access them? The best system in the world won’t work if your team is unaware of it or unable to use it.

Do you have the tools and team you need to complete your work?

Social interactions and a genuine feeling of belonging boost your company culture, but employees who don’t feel supported or who don’t get the tools they need to perform can become frustrated. This survey question reveals how well you are doing at setting your team up for success.




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