3 Ways To Use Email Pop Ups For Lead Generation

In case you aren’t already using them, email pop ups on your website can give a huge boost to your company’s lead generation efforts. And no, we’re not talking about those annoying pop ups from third-party sites that make you want to scream.

Whether you want to build your email newsletter following or collect email addresses for promotions, email pop ups throughout your website can capture the email addresses of potential customers without scaring them away.

Here are three popular ways to use them.

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Blog Scroll Pop ups

These pop ups appear as your blog readers scroll down an article. For best results, consider placing them anywhere from 40-80 percent down the article. Businesses have different levels of success with the percentages, so be sure to experiment. Blog scroll pop ups are intended to build your newsletter list by attracting people who may have landed on your content through search or social and aren’t already on your subscriber list. The pop ups say something along the lines “Like what you’re reading? Subscribe to our blog newsletter for weekly content updates!” with a box to type their email address. Assuming your blog content is closely aligned with your products, the people who sign up for your newsletter through this popup are considered leads.

email pop up
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Exit Intent Pop ups

The purpose of exit intent pop ups is to get a visitor’s email address before they leave your website. It’s considered your last chance to capture their attention and is triggered when a visitor’s cursor indicates they are about to exit. So then, what’s the key to getting a person to give you their email address just as they’re about to exit? Offer them something more than what’s on the current page they are viewing. If you’re landing page describes your latest promotion giving away two free things, you’re exit intent popup will need to have three free things. Or if visitors are looking at a page of products, offer them a coupon or discount on their next purchase. It’s that simple.

email pop ups
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Click Pop ups

Click pop ups are placed midway down a landing page or blog article and require the visitor to click on a CTA before the popup appears. A perfect example of when you might use one is if you have an ebook in a PDF form that expands on the information on a landing page or blog article. The text may say something like “For more tips, download our complete ebook, 11 Industry Secrets To Getting More Leads At Trade Shows” with a box to type their email address and retreive the PDF. The theory behind click pop ups is that the offer has to add value to whatever the visitor is currently reading.

click popup
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One of the most important things to realize about email pop ups is that when used correctly they can literally double lead capture rates. We recommend experimenting with different kinds and doing plenty of A/B testing to determine the ones that work best for your business.

Shereen Dindar
Shereen Dindar was a Content Manager at QuickTapSurvey in 2015 and 2016. Have a story idea? Email us at marketing@quicktapsurvey.com