3 Reasons to Use a Survey App For Market Research

Identifying trends and market information in a timely manner is the core of what market research represents. Yet surprisingly, paper-based data collection is still a commonly used method for conducting research. Mobile data collection saves time and money and can improve the accuracy of your results. Here are 3 reasons to switch to a tablet survey app for market research:

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1. Optimize your research budget

Paper is cheap but paper-based research is costly

Paper-based market research studies are an expensive and time-consuming way to conduct research. Every single survey response needs to be interpreted and entered into Excel or some other statistical program for reporting. The labor cost for this data entry itself can consume any research budget. To make it worse, making any change to the survey means reprinting and redistributing which can be a logistical nightmare.

App-based research is an all-in-one solution for your research study

Collecting market research survey responses on a tablet completely eliminates data input costs while making the management of changes and distribution effortless. Your tablet also becomes a tool for sharing instructions and research information through digital brochures, websites, and videos. Tablets are attractive, interactive, and can be used to promote incentives for your study.

2. Get real-time insight and analytics

Paper-based research is a slow process

At the end of the day, market research is about deriving insights and reporting them to stakeholders. Paper-based research will extend any research project and delay the ability to do any meaningful analytics.

App-based research produces data immediately

Connected tablets can send survey responses in real-time while offline tablets store data and transmit responses when reconnected to the Internet via WiFi or 3G. There is absolutely no faster way to aggregate data, perform analytics and report results just minutes if not seconds after collecting the data.

3. Report accurate results

Paper-based market research is error prone

Paper-based research has a number of manual steps that are always prone to human error which makes it nearly impossible to guarantee accurate results.

App-based research provides accurate results

Surveys conducted with tablets are structured and include validation which results in clean and accurate data. Using tablets for market research leaves little to no room for human error.




David Wogan
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