3 Important Reasons to Collect Patient Feedback

Collecting patient feedback can be an incredibly useful tool for enhancing your clinic’s success. Though you might think every patient leaves with a smile, collecting feedback will help you close the gap between how you think your customers feel and how they really  feel.

Patient Feedback Clinic Survey

Here are 3 reasons ways patient satisfaction surveys will strengthen the success of your clinic.

#1: Increase patient retention rates

Do you know why patients self-discharge from your treatment? Maybe they find it difficult to book appointments, or they may not understand their treatment plans. You can create your own theories and assumptions, but you’ll never really know until you ask.

Collecting feedback will help you gain valuable insights into your patients’ experiences. This knowledge will help identify areas that are causing patients to self-discharge from your treatment. With this insight, you can take the corrective action necessary to improve these areas. As a result, you’ll be able to increase patient retention and your bottom line.

#2: Boost your reputation with online reviews

More often than not, people do their research before booking an appointment with a new clinic. People are much more likely to consider your clinic as a healthcare provider if they see how happy (and healthy) you keep your patients. Your presence on platforms like Google Reviews can have a significant impact on how potential patients perceive your clinic. 

Collecting patient feedback gives you the opportunity to ask your happiest patients to leave an online review, which will increase your ratings and add legitimacy to your practice. Asking for feedback will also allow you to intercept negative reviews from any not-so-happy patients before they are posted online. As humans, we have the tendency to weight negative information more heavily than positive information, so it’s important to limit the number of 1-star ratings you receive. Taking a proactive stance to manage your online reviews will keep your reputation healthy and attract more patients to your clinic.

#3: Get actionable data to improve your quality of care

Innovation is important in order to deliver the highest quality care to your patients. Collecting patient feedback will help you identify your weaknesses and measure your progress towards fixing them. In other words, feedback is a crucial tool for continuous improvement.  

You’ll gain valuable knowledge to make smarter, more informed decisions for both your clinic and patients. Acting on this data will improve your overall clinic quality and help you take better care of your patients. The higher quality of care that you provide, the more satisfied your patients will be. 

Collecting customer feedback is a practice that appears in almost every industry. It’s no surprise that more clinics and hospitals are starting to use patient surveys as a tool to thrive. Want to learn more about how you can use patient surveys to improve your clinic? Learn more. 




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