3 Awesome Customer Holiday Cards for 2015

Serving customers in the B2B community is no easy task. That’s why it’s worth acknowledging the hard work of marketing agencies that are known for their clever and creative customer holiday cards, many of which aren’t really cards, but take the form of videos, GIFs and even puzzles.

Every year, the budgets for these holiday cards seems to get bigger, or at the very least, the people making them are becoming more savvy. Check out our top three picks for the best customer holiday cards created by agencies this year.

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Zulu Alpha Kilo – Toronto

Our friends at Zulu Alpha Kilo – a small creative agency in Toronto — had a “pun” of fun putting together their cheeky holiday video called “Jingle Butts”. The video features employees hand drumming on the bare butts of other employees who are wearing thongs, but whose faces are cleverly disguised. While initially the bare bums seem in poor taste — as one would assume they are female bottoms — the video slowly reveals the bare butts belong to both male and female employees. The hand drumming is rhythmically timed to a rendition of Jingle Bells by world-renowned Spanish percussionist Jorge Perez. And naturally, Zulu Alpha Kilo made a generous donation to the bum-loving charity, Colon Cancer Canada.

Love Communications – Salt Lake City

When you sport a name like Love Communications, it’s safe to say your customers expect you to be friendly, down-to-earth and slightly goofy. And that’s exactly what Love Communications’ holiday video impresses upon their clients. The video, called “Reindeer Ridin”, shows employees have a bit too much fun riding an electronic reindeer (really an electronic bull disguised as a reindeer) while wearing holiday-themed outfits like Santa hats, elf costumes and reindeer ears.

Publicis Groupe – Paris

Every year Publicis Groupe CEO Maurice Lévy delivers a tongue-in-cheek holiday video message to customers and employees alike. This year, he upped the ante with a video showing him at his desk delivering boring company news and encouraging viewers to skip his speech and go straight to the ads. The video features a “Skip Maurice” button and is a clever play on the short attention span of viewers, as well as their distain for ads that come before video content. But, there’s twist! As the viewer presses the “Skip Maurice” button, they are taken to a fake shampoo ad of a woman washing her hair where Lévy interrupts her citing more boring company news. Truth be told, a description of the video won’t suffice, so we highly encourage you to just check it out! Plus, we can’t embed the full video here.

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Shereen Dindar
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