10 Ways to Revitalize Your Trade Show Marketing Strategy

You know that trade shows are an excellent way to connect with new customers, discover vendors and grow within your industry. However, it is easy to get stuck doing the same thing time and time again, and you know that if you keep doing the same thing you are going to get the same results. That’s why we want to help you revitalize your trade show experience. Here are 10 things you can do to mix things up—just for starters.

trade show marketing

Consider Speaking – While having a booth is nice if you can speak at one of the events you can stand out from the crowd. You will find that it drives traffic to your booth and may boost your credibility and thought leadership.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Show – Not every trade show is the same. Put time and effort into choosing the right show that serves you an audience you can connect with. A show that fits well is easier to succeed in than one that does not fit.

Plan and Plan Some More – Don’t just show up on the day of the trade show with a stack of brochures and an assistant. The best booths are those that have been well thought out and planned well in advance.

Set Goals and then Review – Setting goals is not just something you do for the show. Setting goals helps you accomplish more than you ever thought possible. Just make sure that you check back and see how you have done.

Build Excitement Before the Event – Consider a big social media push, posting blogs or reaching out to your audience by email. The idea is that you build excitement among your audience so that people are looking forward to coming by and seeing your booth.

Put Thought Into Your Booth Location – Choosing the right booth location can make a big difference in your success. Look at the map ahead of time and choose a booth location that will serve you well in terms of traffic and visibility.

Think About Giveaways – The truth is, people, love free things. Plus, if you have something for visitors to remember you by, you will stay fresh in their minds. Although it will have an upfront cost, a giveaway can be well worth the expense.

Create a Follow-Up Plan – When the event is over, how will you proceed? You need to be prepared to connect with those you meet after the event is over. That simple step will allow you to make a much bigger impact.

Collect (and Use) Information – If you are not collecting names and numbers (among other information) from your visitors, you are missing a big chance to gain leads and potential customers. A lead capture app for trade shows & events like QuickTapSurvey can be a great tool for doing this.

Have a Debrief Meeting with Your Team – When the event is over, sit down with your team and discuss what happened. You want to know what worked, what didn’t and what to improve in the future. This meeting is an informal opportunity to gather intelligence and find out more about the things that happened at the show that you may have missed.




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