10 Ways to Find New Customers and Increase Sales in 2017

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the rush of holiday sales – and forget about the pending new year. Taking some steps now can help revitalize your marketing plan in 2017 and make it your best year ever. We’ve gathered some of the best ideas out there for increasing sales and reaching new clients in 2017 – one or more of these methods should help you get results in the new year.

10 Ways to Find New Customers and Increase Sales in 2017

Find New Customers and Increase Sales

Get Feedback from Current Customers: What’s working – and what’s not? The best people to ask about your performance, your product, and your customer service is your existing customers. They’ve already dealt with you at least once and their feedback is incredibly valuable. Use customer satisfaction surveys to capture feedback and analyze your results; you’ll either get confirmation that you are doing things right – or a good idea of what you need to change up to attract new business and increase your sales.

Make Customer Service a Priority: If your prospects are not able to get in touch, get a response or simply feel like they have to do too much work to buy from you, they may just go elsewhere. Examine your customer service setup to make sure your team stays friendly, approachable and easy to deal with across all channels.

Partner with Another Business: Whether you do it locally or online, cross-promoting with a business that serves the same market can benefit you both. Your line of puppy baked goods are the perfect match for a local grooming studio – supply them with customer samples and they’ll help spread the word. In return, include their latest promotional flyer or item in your customer’s bags…you’ll both be increasing your market share without competing or spending any extra money.

Get Free Press: Have a new product, made a donation or done something new? A simple press release to your local paper and magazines could get you some fresh coverage. Organizations like Help A Reporter Out (HARO) are also a nice place to get publicity; journalists post the experts or information they are looking for. If you respond to a request, you could find yourself and your business in the national spotlight or a big publication.

Network Locally: If you have a local business, it is time to join the chamber of commerce or other business organization; members usually help promote one another. More of an online business? Join forums and trade groups that focus on your area of expertise.

Reward Referrals: Do you have a rewards program for existing clients who share your business with others? Implementing a program like this could boost your sales and gives you an opportunity to engage with your existing clients, too.

Add an Upsell Offer: DO you have a checkout offer for your online clients? Adding a popup or other piece that is triggered just before checkout can help you upsell those who have already made the decision to buy. If you sell a subscription-based or service package, then marketing to your existing customers to compel them to move up a level is an easy, pain-free way to boost revenues.

Call to Action: You probably have one at the end of your designated marketing pieces, but adding a call to action to every web page and piece you have can help boost sales. The CTA gives the prospect something to do and somewhere to go and can be used to lead them right through your sales funnel.

Revisit your Buyer Persona: Who is your target customer? If you have not revisited your buyer persona in the last year, it is time to do so. Changes in technology and trends may have caused a shift in your buyer’s preferences and needs; reviewing this data regularly allows you to stay up to date and correctly target your efforts. Market research surveys that target this information can help ensure your approach is still resonating and that you are still connecting with your desired market.

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