10 Event Thought-Leaders You Should Follow On Twitter

The event marketing industry changes quickly, and since Twitter is the best way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, we wanted to share a list of the most inspiring event thought-leaders on Twitter, to help you create better and more engaging events.

Event Thought-Leaders

Julius Solaris @tojulius

Julius Solaris is the founder and editor of EventManagerBlog.com, the first blog for event planners, and founder of the largest LinkedIn group for event professionals, Event Planning and Event Marketing. He tweets about event planning, social media and events, event technology, and event inspiration.

Ruud Janssen @RuudWJanssen

Ruud Janssen is an entrepreneur and founder of The New Objective Collective (TNOC), an event management company, and founder of EventModelGeneration.com, an open source language community for event managers. His tweets are geared towards highlighting events around the world.

Gerrit Heijkoop @gheijkoop

Gerrit Heijkoop is the co-founder of How Can I be Social? (HCIBS), a digital communication agency focused on sharing inspiration through various types of content. He uses Twitter to share amazing resources and converse with other event marketers.

Lara McCulloch @ready2spark

Lara McCulloch is the founder of the #eventprofs community, a biweekly Twitter chat for event professionals where members also share links to great content. Lara mostly tweets about branding, marketing, and social media.

Brandt Krueger @BrandtKrueger

Brandt Krueger recently revived the #eventprofs chat on Twitter. He is also a co-host on The Event Alley Show, a weekly online talk show (Wed 10am PST) that discusses challenges and new ideas for event marketers. He mainly uses Twitter to chat with fellow event professionals.

Tahira Endean @TahiraCreates

Tahira Endean is a co-host on The Event Alley Show, an instructor of event planning at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), and founder of EventCamp Vancouver. She uses Twitter to share events that she attends, and converse with members of the events industry.

Lindsey Rosenthal @eventsforgood

Lindsey Rosenthal si the co-founder of Events For Good, a social enterprise based on the practice of fundraising event strategy. She is also the producer of The Event Alley Show. She uses Twitter to share episodes of The Event Alley Show, and to engage with the events community.

David Adler @davidadler

David Adler is the founder and CEO of BizBash.com, an event planning news and resources site. His tweets summarize and link to his insightful posts on BizBash.

Liz King @lizkingevents

Liz King is the CEO of Liz King Events, social media meeting and event planning firm. She is a very active member of the #eventprofs community and uses Twitter to share event resources and chat with other #eventprofs members.

Michael Heipel @michaelheipel

Michael Heipel has over 20 years experience with events, conferences and trade shows. On Twitter, he shares tips and news about event innovations, conference, trade show marketing, and event technology in both German and English.

If we’ve missed any event professionals that you find inspiring, please share them here!

David Wogan
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