Sorry Retailers, Your Customers Hate Your Surveys

If you’re a typical consumer, you can’t buy something online, call your utility company or book a vacation without being bombarded with survey requests. “How was your experience today?”, “Do you have a moment to answer a few questions?” and annoying, interrupting survey pop-ups are literally “popping up” every time we attempt to make a purchase, gather information or compare prices. Indiscriminate, over-surveying won’t get you the results you want – you’ll get lost in the crowd of businesses who are all asking the same questions in the same way.

According to a recent piece in Forbes, almost 75% of customers say customer feedback requests interrupt their online shopping experience. Retailers and e-commerce sites need feedback, but balancing your need for responses to the annoyance factor takes precision and a full understanding of why surveys can be so annoying. Blasting everyone who visits with a barrage of questions isn’t the right approach for a variety of reasons.

The shotgun approach of surveying every customer during every interaction can trigger annoyance and negate any positive outcome you are hoping for. Targeting your efforts and making the effort to personalize the experience can help you avoid survey fatigue and allows you to collect that elusive feedback without annoying the customer.

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What’s So Annoying about Conventional Surveys?

It’s Not “Just a Minute”

A recent piece in the New York Times expressed what many customers are thinking – that those surveys take effort and suck up far too much time, particularly for those who just want to buy a needed item and move on. The nagging and begging is getting out of hand, at least from the consumer’s point of view. Understanding the sheer deluge of requests that most consumers face every time they buy an item online or visit a business is an important step in the surveying process. Choosing the questions wisely and limiting the amount of time invested is the best way to get your answers without aggravating the customer who is taking the time to complete your survey.

No Rewards for Participating

Are you asking for time, but not rewarding the customer who takes action? A typical marketing call to action asks the reader to take one single action and then rewards them.

  • Sign up for our email list? Get a Whitepaper
  • Visit our landing page? Get an exclusive PDF of tips and tricks for your industry
  • Share our link? Get a contest entry
  • Refer us to a friend? Get a discount or credit

Ask a customer to take a survey and you’ve already asked them for that first critical task – so barreling ahead into a lengthy list of queries all about your business may not be the ideal approach. Offering some form of reward, even thanks, a small discount or interesting download when the customer participates rewards them for taking this critical first step.

Stop the Pain – Without Giving Up On Getting the Feedback You Need

Incentivize the process: Offer a giveaway or other reward for completing your survey and interacting with your business to reward those who take the time to do so. A tempting reward can go a long way towards gaining the replies you need. A reward can be built right into your on-site feedback kiosk, and allow your customers the chance to win a highly desired item.

Make it easy: Mobile devices and an on-site feedback kiosk at your event or location make it easier than ever to create a fun experience – and collect data at the same time.

Make it quick: You know your customer is already being barraged with survey requests, so when you ask for “just a minute” make sure you are accurately representing the time investment required.



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