Infographic: Most Common Trade Show Mistakes

Did you know it takes 22% less time and effort to contact a lead from a trade show than a traditional sales channel? It’s true, and probably the biggest reason why trade shows are the number one B2B marketing tool available for companies of all sizes.

Trade shows are a great way to pitch a new product or idea and examine market trends. By exhibiting, you’re able to bring huge visibility to your brand as well as come face-to-face with potential customers who are looking for solutions just like yours. Research indicates a whopping 70% of trade show attendees plan to buy one or more products. To make a lasting impression and stand out amongst a sea of competitors, preparation is key – and this includes crucial post-show activities where the engagement must go on.

So whether you’re ready to exhibit at your first trade show or thinking of investing in one down the line – here are 25 tips that will help you avoid the most common trade show mistakes.





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Deepa Christina Radh

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Deepa Christina Radh