Guest Blogging Guidelines For QuickTapSurvey

Whether you have been selected as an expert to write for us or you feel like you have an interesting story to share, we can help!

Our blog is an ever-evolving place, but there are a few fundamentals we would like to share with you.

Blog Audience and Topics

Our readers are business folks looking for insights that will help their company grow. They range from mom and pop shop owners to executives at multinational corporations, so your writing will have to speak to a variety of interests. If you have a hard time being that general, try focusing on a specific industry or company size.

We are seeking articles that fall into one of these five topics:

  1. Lead Capture, Trade Shows & Events
  2. Customer Service/Customer Experience
  3. Market Research/Big Data
  4. Survey Science (design, best practices, methodology etc.)
  5. Offline surveys vs Web Based Surveys

Voice, Tone and Style

We love articles that are conversational and service-oriented. While you are likely writing about serious and well-researched topics, aim to sound more like a helpful friend rather than an academic.

Here are a few basic dos and don’ts:

  • Feel free to include one or two backlinks to your site, but your article shouldn’t be a sales pitch. 
  • Always link out to your sources of information.
  • Please don’t send us content that has been published elsewhere.


We ask that your article is between 600-1000 words.

Images, Videos and Other Content

If you would like to include a photo, illustration, infographic or video, please include a credit. For videos, please add both the link to the video and the embed code in your Word document.

Author Bio

Please write a three sentence professional bio with your title and company, as well as include links to your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. We ask that you email us your headshot along with your Word document.

Publishing and Distribution

Your article will be edited and published generally within a week and we’ll send you the link. Once published, we will distribute your article on social media, and in many cases, with our newsletter community that reaches over 90,000 businesses.

Naturally, we hope that you will also distribute your guest post with your entire community and include @QuickTapSurvey in your social distribution.

Contact Person

Your Word document and other assets should be sent to Content Manager, Deepa Christina Radh at