Customer Spotlight: The 360 Experience Is Redefining Year 13

The 360 Experience is an 9-month gap year program run under the umbrella and guidance of YWAM (Youth With A Mission).

For those of you unfamiliar with what a gap year means – its simply a break between high school and college – time to spend volunteering, interning, working or travelling, with the goal to develop professionally and personally.

Gap years are particularly popular in Europe, Australia and the UK, where as many as 50% of students take a year off before entering college. A year is just a general benchmark though – gap year experiences can be as short as a single semester and as long as two years. Gap years don’t necessarily have to be spent abroad either, although travel and discovery is the single biggest motivation to take time off.

Gappers (18-25 year olds) who choose to do their gap year through a program provider like The 360 Experience can expect a structured learning experience based on a biblical worldview. The 360 Experience offers three training phases and exists to challenge students to “Discover their Identity, Pursue God, and Launch into their Destiny”. Learn more about the 3 training phases and 4 focus points of The 360 Experience.


If you would like a deeper dive, this video is a good introduction to 360’s mission and program.

Why QuickTapSurvey?

The 360 Experience are long-time users of QuickTapSurvey, using the survey app platform for the purposes of lead generation at multiple events spread across the United States – from youth conferences in Michigan to music festivals in Iowa.

QuickTapSurvey 360 Experience

Photo: QuickTapSurvey in use at a 360 Experience event in Holland, Michigan

“I love it, I really do. Our reps qualify leads by taking down notes on the app at the end of every interaction. This helps them greatly when personalizing their follow up phone calls. We’re a huge fan of the Excel reports too.” says Dale E. Biser, Director of Marketing and Development.




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