QuickTapSurvey Celebrates #KidstoWork Day With Ladies Learning Code!

By on November 2, 2016


ladies learning code
Today we were thrilled to welcome 40+ girls from Ladies Learning Code, an amazing Canadian not-for-profit focused on delivering digital literacy for women and youth. The event was organized as part of We’ll Take Your Kids to Work Day, an annual program that allows real life experiences to bridge with learning in the classroom.

The girls are spending their day touring some of Toronto’s most innovative tech companies. At QuickTapSurvey they were able to hear directly from our co-CEO and co-founder Tishan, who spoke candidly about QuickTapSurvey’s humble inception with just a few people, to its significant growth and dominance in the survey app space.


Following that introduction, the girls toured the office and heard from a representative from each department about their individual role and the problems their department solves every day. It was very important for us to do this so the girls could see the variety of career opportunities available in the technology industry, where women are significantly underrepresented (not for long, though!).


Anthony, one of our mobile engineers, then showed the group how easy it is to create iPhone and iPad applications using Xcode. He demonstrated how to create simple layouts in Xcode by dragging and dropping views such as buttons and labels onto the layout. Everyone enjoyed seeing him modifying the bounciness of the 5-point smiley face rating buttons through code.

Next up was the hands-on portion of the session where the kids took turns creating a school winter dance survey using the super simple drag and drop editor. As a group, they selected the questions they wanted in their survey. Once published, they downloaded the survey onto several iPads and submitted their responses. They were incredibly excited to try the product first-hand and see the design capabilities of the survey they had just created!


As a team, we wanted to be role models for the many aspiring little coders we hosted today. We were super excited to share our passion with the girls, and we really hope we were able to spark excitement and inspire them to pursue future careers in technology. Enjoy this parting shot with Wally, our resident frog 🙂






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