QuickTapSurvey Bridges Online And In-Person Data Capture With The Ability To Easily Ask Smart Questions Anywhere

By on October 19, 2016

QuickTapSurvey, the leading face-to-face data collection app, launches new online survey capability to bring online and offline data capture into one platform.

online and offline data capture
launches the number one requested feature from their customers – the ability to run surveys through the web. Their original platform focused on face-to-face data collection through mobile devices. Now with the addition of online surveys they can deliver full data collection coverage for their customers anywhere with online and offline data capture. Online surveys can now be completed offline. 

“We prioritize our product roadmap based on customer feedback”, explains Tishan Mills, the Co-CEO of QuickTapSurvey. “Our original product focus was providing full coverage for our customers for all in-person data collection. Now what we are hearing is that our customers want to take our product and use it for their online survey campaigns. Our customers no longer see a division between in-person and online data collection, they want to be able to capture what matters to them anywhere in one platform.”

QuickTapSurvey boasts a customer-first culture across the entire company from their in-house team of Support Superheroes to an internal company thread that aggregates and discusses customer feedback in real-time. Within the product itself, customers even have a “make a wish” feature through which they can submit what features they want to see added. Each wish is reviewed directly by the Co-CEO and is discussed by the product team to be added to the roadmap.

“Having our customers at the center of everything we do has always been our focus since day one,” Tishan says. “Our customers provide us with invaluable insight when it comes to looking at the evolution of our product. Our goal is to help them unlock insights that deliver value for them. We are incredibly driven towards helping them create those ‘aha’ moments.”


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