Customer Spotlight: The Places Team Uses QuickTapSurvey For Visitor Feedback and Analysis

By on August 17, 2016

The Places Team are made up of an experienced team of environmental consultants offering bespoke solutions to plan, revitalize, create and enjoy green spaces and places. Preserving the environment is a top priority for this small team with big ambitions.

We recently chatted with Irene Seijo – an experienced landscape consultant and project manager with over 25 years of experience in landscape architecture and public art and design – to learn more about their interesting work.

Q1) Tell us a bit about your business. What products and services do you offer?

We are a group of environmental consultants called The Places Team and we work within the environment sector – looking at parks and open spaces – and outdoor consultation and evaluation projects. We also write reports on environmental issues – so its basically anything to do with the public sector environment. The Places Team works with other associates including experienced Town and Country Planners, Landscape Planners, Surveyors, GIS specialists, Ecologists and Arboricultural Consultants to deliver projects. Our clients include government agencies, local authorities, third sector organizations and national parks.

Our current varied workload includes:

  • Access and Mitigation proposals relating to recreational impact on sensitive sites
  • Open Space Assessments to Green Flag Award standard for parks and open spaces across a district area
  • Open Space standards review and assessment for a national park
  • Green Infrastructure Framework for a national park
  • Visitor Surveys and analysis of data and reporting for the east coast of Kent and East Sussex in relation to recreational impact on sensitive sites
  • Bid writing for Heritage Lottery Funding

Q2) What makes your business unique compared to competitors?

We are a small but experienced team, with a great deal of knowledge between us in the environment, landscape and public realm. The fact that we can pull together a very experienced team at short notice is a big competitive advantage.  

Q3) How do you use QuickTapSurvey?

We found QuickTapSurvey in February 2016, and use it for visitor analysis in the North Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, 20 miles from central London. We used face-to-face surveys to learn more about visitors in the Darent Valley – for example – we wanted to know if they visited by car or by a more environmentally friendly option, like the train. We also surveyed people in target areas in London to collect insights from people who don’t visit the Darent Valley. The entire purpose of the survey was to conduct a gap analysis that would inform a request for funding, to raise awareness about the area so people can enjoy it in a sustainable way.

Darent ValleyThe Darent Valley
Photo: The Hop Shop, UK

“We used paper surveys in the past, but they were extremely difficult to manage on-site, not to mention time consuming because of all the data re-entry on Excel. We were very lucky to find QuickTapSurvey when we did.” Irene Seijo, Director of Seijo Associates Ltd

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