DOD Tech: There’s A Dash Cam For Everyone

By on July 13, 2016

Did you know that insurance providers will reduce your policy by around 15 percent if you use a dash cam to record your driving? Dash cams are becoming ever more popular because footage is not just accepted by insurers as evidence of fault in an accident, its also admissible in court.

For proof, look no further than YouTube, which has great examples of dash cam videos proving drivers weren’t at fault. Without video evidence, it would have been one person’s word against the others and a mountain ton of paperwork and frustration.

There is a huge variety of dash cam devices on the market. Some of them feature a single, forward-facing camera while others offer both forward and rear-facing cameras. Then there are those with wide angle lenses and GPS technology to measure your speed. But if you’re seeking one with exceptional quality video and a ton of consistently great online reviews, look no further than Taiwanese manufacturer DOD Tech.

DOD Tech Dash Cam

DOD Tech is a leading innovator and manufacturer of HD dash cam technology. Based in Taiwan, DOD has offices in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. What sets the business apart is the fact that they produce all of their products in-house. From the initial concept, design, assembly, quality control and testing to final packaging and shipping.

We were recently thrilled to discover that DOD Tech is a QuickTapSurvey customer. Event and trade show marketing is a huge part of their lead generation, market research and customer feedback strategy. Going from deciphering illegible handwriting on paper forms to using QuickTapSurvey was a huge step in connecting with the modern consumer.
“QuickTapSurvey is everything I wanted from a marketing perspective. It’s very flexible, it allows for branding and even works offline! We are using it at every trade show we attend – from LA to Paris – and I haven’t experienced a single situation where I wished it could do more”.
Carlos Guevara, Marketing & Business Development, DOD Tech Canada  
Even if you’re not looking to safeguard against bad drivers, we think dash cams are a great way to document a road trip, or capture unexpected moments to look back on.

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