QuickTapSurvey Strikes At Axe Throwing

By on May 3, 2016

The QuickTapSurvey team recently headed over to Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL) in Toronto for our quarterly team building event where we all took turns throwing an axe at a bullseye. Our unstoppable team spirit came out on top at this friendly axe throwing competition. 

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We believe that out-of-office bonding with our peers is just as important as our stellar office perks like in-office snacks, beer o’clock, casual dress code and a cubicle-free office. Company events allow our staff to socialize in a non-work environment and talk to team members they don’t get a chance to on a day-to-day basis.

These events are held every four months as a way to welcome our new coop students from the University of Waterloo who consistently surprise us with their astonishing talent. And now we have an engineering student from U of T joining us for the next 12 months! Starting at a new company without knowing any of your peers can be daunting, so team events like this provide a platform for everyone to get to know each other while having fun!

To build anticipation for the event, we put our survey tool to use by conducting an office poll asking staff who they predicted would be the winner. While many guessed Stephen and Anthony N., the champion of the night was a surprise.

Congrats Mark! He slayed the competition with bullseye after bullseye and gained bragging rights until our next team event.

axe throwing champion

Our night at BATL was also complete with pizza and snacks. We couldn’t have asked for a better axe throwing company to have prepared us for our first foray into the sport. BATL staff gave all participants a run down of the rules and safety tips, and then let us practice axe throwing before the competition. And what’s more? In case of a tie breaker, a “Big Axe” is introduced — a mammoth sized axe about double the weight as a regular axe!

All in all, we would recommend Axe Throwing to other companies. These team events are perfect for building moral while developing and nurturing company culture.

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