Different Ways to Categorize Museum Visitors Using Surveys

Categorize museum visitors

One of the main benefits of using museum visitor surveys is the ability to categorize museum visitors according to personality types.

Asking questions to understand the various personality types of your visitors can help you target your exhibits and collections to their specific interests, as well as improve the operations at your museum. 

But what are the specific categories you should be grouping your visitors into? Depending on the visitor experience expert you ask, they’ll likely have a different answer.

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QuickTapSurvey Used for Political and Voter Election Research

Political and Voter Election Survey Research by QuickTapSurvey

PCP Agencia is an election research agency based in Mexico. Recently they were tasked with the logistical challenge of collecting voter candidate preferences for a local election.

PCP needed a secure and reliable survey tool, one that would appeal to thousands of voters of all demographics. Additionally, real-time analytics were a must. Up-to-the minute results needed to be broadcast at the campaign headquarters. Voter election research has no room for errors, no second chances. The solution had to be rock solid. After careful consideration and deliberation, PCP chose QuickTapSurvey.
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Important Questions to Ask in Retail Customer Feedback Surveys

retail customer feedback surveys

While most retail businesses are aware of the need to use customer feedback surveys to improve the experience of their customers, the trend towards these surveys has left some customer experience experts with a bad taste.

Experts fear the public is saturated with feedback surveys, resulting in a low response rate and low completion rate. That said, the reality is that retail customer feedback surveys are not going away anytime soon. And rightly so.

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5 Things All Customer Feedback Surveys Should Measure

feedback surveys should measure

You’ve made the plunge and have decided to use in-person customer feedback surveys at your small business. Congrats on a very wise move!

Studies show that it costs four to ten times more to find a new customer versus keep an old one. Keeping your current customers happy so they refer others to your business is key to your growth strategy.

But if you are like many small business owners, you haven’t a clue as to what you should be asking your customers in satisfaction surveys. You know you want to keep them coming back for more, but where do you start? What are the correct types of questions to ask that provide insight into how your business is performing and how it can improve?

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How Restaurants Benefit From Customer Satisfaction Surveys

satisfaction survey

You may not realize it, but customer satisfaction surveys are a necessary tool to make your restaurant or cafe more profitable.

Measuring customer satisfaction should be one of your top priorities, if for no other reason than to remain competitive in a climate where demand for restaurant meals has remained relatively flat in Canada and restaurant sales are lower than expected in the U.S.

Read below for five reasons why restaurants and cafes, either fast service or full service, can greatly benefit from using in-person customer feedback surveys.

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10 Tips for Getting Customers to Participate in Feedback Surveys

feedback surveys

Let’s be honest, getting customers to participate in feedback surveys for small businesses can be painful.

The few customers who respond to email surveys don’t complete them and using paper surveys makes your business seem like it’s stuck in the stone age. But armed with a few basic tips, you can create tablet surveys that attract enough customers for your survey response rate to be statistically significant and add value to your business.
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Fabulous Fan Fayre Measures Customer Satisfaction for Manchester City Football Club

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Fabulous Fan Fayre is the catering partner of the Manchester City Football Club, serving up culinary delights to thousands of hungry fans at the Etihad Stadium. In order to ensure customer loyalty, it was important for them to consistently measure customer satisfaction with their food. What’s more, they also wanted the ability to react in real-time, by addressing any negative feedback or complaints on the spot. With QuickTapSurvey, Fabulous Fan Fayre was able to quickly get the feedback they needed to keep their customers happy. + read more